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Gone is the era of oil phobia.
It's time for an oil obsession.

Oil-free skincare and cosmetics used to be considered the best way to care for your skin and prevent breakouts.  Times have changed and science says oil is no longer the enemy. We're obsessed with oil and when you experience how amazing it is, we think you will be too.

Your Skin's Relationship With Soap and Oil

Traditional soaps and face washes are made to tightly bond with all available oil molecules so they can be easily rinsed away.  That's great for your dirty dishes, but skin needs a different type of care.


Soap doesn't just touch the surface of the skin.  It contains surfactants, which are like a needy ex-partner that you just can't shake.  They don't feel complete without bonding to oil and dirt that are in and on our skin, and will go to any length to get to them.


Several layers below the surface, skin has a brilliant protective barrier in place to protect us from harmful substances in the environment. Surfactants break through our boundaries, leaving us compromised and vulnerable. They strip the skin of not only it's oils but interfere with it's microbiome, and mess with the pH (turns it more acidic) making it harder for the microbiome to reestablish.


As if all that wasn't enough, soap-based surfactants come in contact with nerve endings as they bully their way past the skin's protective layer and trigger a response from the immune system. That itching, tightness, and burning that can occur after using soap on your face?  You can thank surfactants for that.

We keep trying to make peace with soap because we think we need it.  We think it'll be better this time.  But it leaves us itchy and dry, knowing things between us aren't working out but not sure what else to do.

Oil bonds to itself and as it's wiped away during oil cleansing, old makeup and anything else that could block pores comes with it.

Oil is gentle because it's bonds aren't as clingy as surfactants are.  It bonds to oils on the surface of the skin, but stays there to leave the microbiome and protective barrier in tact.  When you remove the excess with a warm washcloth, the makeup and dirt from the day goes right along with it, leaving clean skin that hasn't been tormented like a bad relationship.


Finally, a partner who puts your needs first.

Comodogenic Rating Pop Quiz
Image by Michael Dziedzic

Oils with a rating of 0-2 are considered noncomodogenic.

Skin Deeper products are all formulated using noncomodogenic oils.

Oil has a rating scale from 1-5 to indicate the likelihood of an individual oil to clog pores called the comodogenic scale.

Pop quiz:
What rating does an oil have to have to be considered noncomodogenic?

Cool Oil Fact
No. 1

Oil doesn't have any water, so there's no need for preservatives to protect against bacterial growth.

Cool Oil Fact
No. 2

Oil doesn't have a pH, there's no need for a toner to bring your skin's pH back into balance like traditional cleansers.

Cool Oil Fact
No. 3

Since you're not trying to remove all your own skin oils, you only need to cleanse once a day. A splash of water or Vitamist is all you need for a freshen up.

Cool Oil Fact
No. 4

Looking to simplify life? Oil is so versatile it can be added to an existing beauty routine or replace multiple other products.


Most people with oily skin think they want the oil gone, but when all that protection goes down the drain, their skin freaks out and goes into oil-producing hyper-drive to get it's protection back and recover it's microbiome.

When oil is used instead, over time the skin has less need to produce the protection it needs because it never gets stripped away.  Our Clear & Smooth Oil Cleanser and Moisturizer have hazelnut and peppermint oils which are have been shown to reduce oil production, so with time, oil production reduces and the skin balances naturally.


Dry skin clearly has struggles producing it's own protection, but you can't just not wash your face.  So what little moisture it did manage to produce goes down the drain with day-old mascara and foundation.

Oil cleansing preserves the skin's natural protection and preserves the microbiome that it's worked so hard on. The skin never has to start over and do the hard work of making it's own oil, so it's not quite so dependent on other moisturizers.  Our Replenish Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer feature avocado oil that sinks in especially slowly and deeply to give dry skin the extra help it craves.


Combination skin has the "best" of both worlds, and harsh cleansing just makes it worse - oily skin overcompensates with too much oil production and dry skin has to start from scratch.

Our Balance Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer contain balancing oils as well as moisturizing oils so both parts get all the care they need.  And it's ideal for normal/already balanced skin as well!


People with sensitive skin are particularly at risk for the itching and inflammation that harsh cleansing surfactants can cause. In addition, lots of preservatives and extra ingredients increases their likelihood a reaction, so something that works can be an expensive and anxiety ridden process.

Oil is gentle and requires no additives to make it effective.  Our Tranquil Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer are even formulated without essential oils or nut oils to provide the absolute gentlest experience possible.

origins skincare duo website.jpg
Oil Cleansing for Face

Oil for facial cleansing

Oil cleansing is simple, effective, and luxurious.  Add oil to dry skin, and rub to dissolve makeup and work into pores - even over your eyes.  It dissolves mascara in a snap!

Lay a clean, warm, wet washcloth over your face.  The steam activates the castor oil in the cleanser to deep clean the pores.

Wipe away excess oil with washcloth, rinse, and wipe again.  If your skin feels tight at all, follow with a few drops of the cleanser or any of our moisturizers.

Oil for whole body cleansing

A good lather in the shower is a beautiful thing, but for dry skin sufferers, it can cause stressed out, flaky skin (in case you missed it, here's why).  So here's a wild idea - skip the soap!  Our oils are naturally antibacterial so they cleanse beautifully without drying the skin.


We love our Body Oil and a soft scrub brush for gentle exfoliation, cleansing, and moisture in one step.  Your skin plumps up from the moisture in the shower and the oil seals it in!

Beware of an oily shower floor, though!  Wiping up any excess with an old washcloth keeps your shower time luxurious and safe.

Oil for Body Cleansing
Oil for Hair Care

Oil for hair

This is a situation of less is more, but have you tried oil on your hair?  Our Cleansers and Body Oil are both great for scalp treatments as well as oil treatments for dry, damaged hair.

Apply oil as little as 30 minutes before washing your hair to give it time to work it's moisture magic (We love applying it the night before a shower to give even more time). Just shampoo and condition as normal and you're all set!

origins skincare duo website.jpg

Oil for shaving

Another simplicity hack is to use oil instead of shaving cream.  It softens hair and skin for a close shave without razor burn. And since it won't be rinsed away in the shower, it eliminates the need for lotion.  Less products and less time!

It does have a tendency to clog razors over time, but nothing a little soap can't handle.

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