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You are loved!  Congrats on receiving a smile!

We're so excited to share these adorable little sets!  A smile is an instant mood lifter, and we're honored to be a part of making your day a little brighter.

What is Skin deeper?

Skin Deeper is an Ohio based business started in the home of our owner and founder, Megan Kirby.  We manufacture over 25 beauty products made with earth based, food grade ingredients - free from harsh or toxic ingredients.  Our mindset is that skin care is skin food so every ingredient we use is thoroughly researched and mindfully selected.  We believe in products that brighten and enhance the beauty you already have; and developing skincare that works with your body to support healthy, balanced skin.

1. Oil cleanser

Conventional cleansers and soaps strip your skin of it's natural oils making oily skin produce even more oil and leaving dry skin even drier.  Oil cleansing works with your skin by using nutrient dense, non-comedogenic oils to dissolve makeup and excess oil without stripping skin of what it needs.  Skin is completely cleansed, dry skin is still hydrated, and oily skin balances out to produce less oil.

For a quick cleanse - Apply a nickel size amount of oil to your face and gently rub to dissolve makeup and excess oil.  Use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe it all away.  Repeat rinsing if necessary.

For a deep cleanse - Apply a nickel size amount of oil to your face and gently rub to dissolve makeup and excess oil.  Lay a warm, wet washcloth over your face and allow the steam to open your pores (the steam activates the deep down cleansing power of the oils).  After about a minute, wipe away excess oil, rinse washcloth, and wipe again. 

“I love how the Oil Cleanser makes my face feels so smooth and truly shrinks my pores. I’ve had people tell me my skin was 'glowing' after I started using it.”  - Natalie M

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2. Aloe Moisturizer

Our Aloe Moisturizer contains the same nutrient-rich oils as it's paired cleanser, but we added antioxidant rich aloe vera juice to create a quick absorbing daily moisturizer for an extra boost of moisture.

Apply to skin after cleansing or anytime you need a little extra moisture.  For best results, use after a shower or oil cleansing for fast, deep absorption.

"The Aloe Moisturizer helps my skin feel moisturized without making me break out or clog my pores. I feel like my face can 'breathe' better with this lotion.” - Michelle A.

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3. Body Buttercream

This luxurious body lotion is aloe vera based and the perfect opportunity for your skin to soak up some nutrients and antioxidants.

Apply to skin any time for extra moisture.  For best results, apply right after a shower for fast, deep absorption.

“The Body Buttercream is the only one I have found that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin but is hydrating enough that it relieves my most chapped winter skin.” - Alisia D.

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