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Why is oil cleansing great for all skin types?

Oil cleansing for oily skin

 With oily skin, the more oil you remove using traditional cleansers, the more it will produce.  When you use healthy oils on your skin, there's no need for oily skin to go into oil producing hyper-drive because its natural protection hasn't been stripped away.  We recommend our Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer in Clear And Smooth.

Oil cleansing for dry skin

Dry skin sufferers are all too familiar with tight, flaky skin that results from traditional cleansing.  The oil blend in our Replenish line is designed to take its time absorbing and to sink especially deep to give skin a boost when it doesn't naturally produce enough oil to stay comfortable on its own.  We recommend our Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer in Replenish.

Oil cleansing for balanced or combination skin

It's all about balance.  Balanced skin is skin you don't have to think about.  It's not tight and dry, or inflamed and sore, or oily with painful acne.  Typically, if a person doesn't know their skin type, they're balanced.  If this is you, congrats!  Even with the right amount of natural protection (aka, oil), your skin still benefits from cleansing whether it's remove makeup or just to wash the day away.  We recommend our Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer in Balance.

Oil cleansing for extra sensitive skin

Even though cleansing with oil is naturally very gentle, we wanted to create a cleanser with allergies in mind, so we created our Tranquil line.  These are made without any nut oils* and without any essential oils or fragrance of any kind.  This opens the cleansers up to those with nut allergies, and also allows the opportunity to add your own essential oil blend for a personalized cleanser.  We recommend Oil Cleanser and Aloe Moisturizer in Tranquil.

Our ingredients have been carefully chosen (check out our ingredient all-stars) to offer balance to oily skin, lasting moisture to dry skin, and naturally-occurring antioxidants to deliver a one-two punch to the signs of aging and stress.  Since your skin absorbs so much of what is put on it, why not take in vitamins and antioxidants just by washing your face?

*These products are made in the same facility as nut oils.