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Who We Are

Beauty is MORE than skin deep.  Your true beauty is who you are inside, and when you see that, you radiate that beauty.  Much like a person's inner beauty, as a team we look at how to run a business in the best way we can, and the products that come from that are what we have to share with you.

I never expected to start a skincare and cosmetics business.  I just wanted clear skin that didn't turn into an oil slick by noon.  In my desperation/research I discovered the concept of oil cleansing and it completely changed my skin.  Feeling empowered by my newly discovered DIY hobby, I tinkered with moisturizers, then foundation, etc.  My formulas have MUCH improved since my initial experiments (my foundation is no longer coconut oil, turmeric, cocoa powder, and flour....yeah, I wore that...) and as friends started asking me to make products for them, a business started budding.  Fast forward a few years, I now have a small but amazing team that work with me to develop this into a business that serves our customers, and each other.

What We Do

All of our products are hand made from single ingredients (no pre-made bases here!) and formulated by our team.  We work in small batches to rotate inventory regularly so you get fresh cosmetics and skincare.

As a business, we recognize that the many decisions we make impact our customers, our team, and our Earth.  We make every decision mindfully to be sure the impact we have is positive.  We focus on using clean, safe ingredients; making quality product; keeping our products affordable; and caring for the environment.

Why We Do This

As a Momma of two small children, I often get asked why I've taken on this challenge.  It's grown from a fun hobby to a major time investment, and though it wasn't initially expected, each step has been very intentional.  My "why" boils down to two points that the whole Skin Deeper team back wholeheartedly.

First, our Earth has incredible ingredients available to work with, and many companies dilute these things with harmful fillers.  I want to provide the opportunity for my customers to use these ingredients in a convenient way.  For example, astaxanthin (found in our Sunset Reset Night Cream) is an incredible antioxidant, but because of it's strong pigment, needs to be diluted significantly to be used on the skin.  If I can take that amazing ingredient and put it in a night cream that's easy to use, I have the opportunity to connect you to that ingredient!  I get to experiment, you get a new product - win, win!

Second, I believe every person is beautiful, regardless of what our culture's advertisements say. I'm very passionate about communicating that truth and want to use this medium to communicate that makeup should be fun, but it's not something you need.  Nothing needs covered up or fixed.  You're already beautiful!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our company!  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.  We'd love to hear from you!