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What does Skin Deeper mean?

There are several reasons why the name "Skin Deeper" fits our business.  

  • Since our skin absorbs so much of what we put on it, we believe in being aware of the ingredients being applied to your skin, so you're choosing what's going deeper.
  • Second, we believe true beauty comes from who you are on the inside, is more than skin deep.  It's. . .well. . .deeper.
  • And third, while we love our products, we see them primarily as a catalyst to have a positive impact on our community.  We love our clients and want them to realize their real beauty each time they connect with one of our team.  We love our team by living life together, growing together, and figuring out this whole business adventure one step at a time.

Skin - Interaction with quality products

Deeper - Interaction with each other

Where are these products made?

Every single product is formulated, mixed, packaged, labeled, and sealed by hand in a private production facility in Springfield, OH.

Are these products organic?

Although many of the ingredients we use are certified organic, no, our products themselves are not fully organic.  We believe in keeping our products financially accessible to everyone, and  the increased cost of certification as well as purchasing exclusively organic ingredients themselves would eliminate this as a possibility.

Are these products vegan?

Similar to the organic certification, we have chosen not to take on the cost of vegan certification at this time.  However, we are very mindful about providing products that comply with vegan standards.  While some of our products contain beeswax, most all of our products are produced with plant derived ingredients only.  When a product does not comply with vegan standards, we try to provide an alternative product within our line to offer every opportunity for our products to be used by everyone.

Are these products gluten free?

Although we don't use ingredients containing gluten, some people that avoid gluten also avoid oats.  Our Tranquil Terra mask does contain oats.  We are careful to keep the production of that item isolated to prevent as much contamination as possible.  One of our production specialists has a severe gluten intolerance and uses all of our products without any reaction.

Can I purchase these products in any stores?

Currently our entire line is available exclusively online.  As things change with the pandemic, we plan to expand back out into retail stores again.  Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our email updates to stay up to date as we make these changes to our product availability.