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Introducing SWAK by Glam

Skin Deeper's SWAK by Glam

Since natural beauty comes from within, there is nothing more beautiful than confidence and a great smile on a woman.  We've teamed up with Glam On The Go to create SWAK (Sealed with a Kiss) by Glam. -  a bridal inspired line of Lipsticks, Poured Eyeshadow Palettes, and Highlights.  Our March 2020 launch features everyday colors that enhance your natural beauty.

New products to try from the brand you trust

As with all Skin Deeper products, the entire SWAK line  is gluten free and hypoallergenic.  We love this new partnership and these new products!

Skin Deeper Lipstick Pour

SWAK by Glam Products

SWAK by Glam Lipstick

Lipstick should look beautiful and feel comfortable.  Our moisturizing formula combined with gorgeous color creates a pop of wow with the moisture of a lip balm.

Skin Deeper SWAK Lipstick

SWAK by Glam Perfect Palette Base

Ever wish you could build your own palette to put all your favorites together?  Now you can!  Our SWAK Perfect Palette gives you the freedom to choose your favorite Eyeshadow Singles and Lipstick Singles so you love every color.

Skin Deeper Eyeshadow Palette

SWAK by Glam Poured Powder Eyeshadow Palette

Replaceable Eyeshadow Singles give  the freedom to replace your favorite color without buying an entirely new palette, or swap out your faves for different outfits and seasons.

Skin Deeper Eyeshadow Palette

SWAK By Glam Highlight

Want to take your makeup routine to the next level?  A tiny swipe of our SWAK Highlight adds a  fresh and wide awake subtle glow. Use to highlight brow bone, cheekbones, or use as a cream eyeshadow.

Skin Deeper Highlight by GLAM

Happily Ever After

And because we're passionate about supporting inner beauty,  we're excited to add SWAK's lipstick color Happily Ever After to our Safe Harbor Inner Beauty Product Line.

Skin Deeper Safe Harbor Lipstick

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