Earthy Essentials Clay Soap

Earthy Essentials Clay Soap


Clay has been used in skincare for centuries for its minerals and absorption properties.  Clay grabs excess oil from the skin so it can be rinsed away. Clay also adds slip and lather--we love these for body, hair, and shaving! 


Each of our soaps are mixed, poured, and cut by hand


The various types of clays have varying absorption properties, so our guide below can help you choose which will be best for your skin needs.


Forest Edge - A woodsy fresh scent made with pine, cedar, and cypress essential oils.  Features french green clay which has high absorbency properties.   Great for normal to oily skin.


Wildflower - Lavender and tuberose essential oils blend to create a fresh bouquet right in your shower.  Features rose clay, which has lower absorbency.  Great for normal to dry skin.


Lavender Fields - Fresh, clean lavender wakes up your senses. Features kaolin clay, which has a lower absorbency.  Great for normal to dry skin.


Terra Firma - Peppermint and lemongrass essential oils pair for an earthy scent. Features bentonite and rose clay, so great for normal to oily skin.


Do you have a favorite scent you're in love with? Order an entire batch! Perfect for your family, for gifts, or even bridal and baby shower favors!  

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