SWAK by Glam Perfect Palette Lipstick Singles

SWAK by Glam Perfect Palette Lipstick Singles


Is there anything better than framing a gorgeous smile with the perfect lipstick shade? Lipstick adds the final polish to any look and our Perfect Palette Lipstick Singles give the freedom to keep your go-to shade handy, or blend for a custom look every time. Our moisturizing formula combined with gorgeous color creates a pop of wow with the moisture of a lip balm.  


Our magnetic replaceable lipstick and eyeshadow singles offer the freedom to replace your favorite color without buying an entirely new palette, or swap out your faves for different outfits and seasons.


Available in 5 smooth colors.


Looking for your new favorite shade? Try a sample to find your new favorite!

  • Ingredients

    Mica, safflower oil, calcium carbonate, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, candelilla wax. Some colors contain carmine