Our serum formulas are combined with witch hazel to help balance dry/mature skin and oily/acne prone skin. Great for applying during your morning skin routine as a burst of freshness, or during your evening skincare routine to prepare your skin before sleep. 


Deep Rejuvenation (for dry/mature skin)

Blemish Blasting (for oily/acne prone skin)


Use alone or pair with the matching roll-on serums for concentrated targeting of your skin’s needs

  • Ingredients

    Blemish Blasting - Witch hazel, frankincense essential oil, tea tree, nutmeg essential oil, calendula extract, vitamen E oil, comfrey oil, peppermint essential oil, carrot seed essential oil 


    Deep Rejuvenation - Witch hazel, argan oil, frankincense essential oil, rosemary essential oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E oil, lavender essential oil, carrot seed essential oil, geranium essential oil