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Who We Are

Beauty is more than skin deep.

Your true beauty is who you are inside; when you know that, you naturally radiate beauty.

In the same way a person's inner beauty truly matters, we know that the inner workings of how we run our business matters. Contributing to a positive community impact, reducing waste, and using mindfully selected ingredients will always be our top priorities.  

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All of our products are hand made from single ingredients (no pre-made bases here!) and formulated by our team.  


We work in small batches to rotate inventory regularly so you always get fresh cosmetics and skincare.


Mindful Ingredients

The earth has incredible ingredients to work with. We want to connect customers to those ingredients in a positive, meaningful way.


Quality Products

We're passionate about crafting effective products that add a sparkle of luxury every time you use them.

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Reducing Waste

We recognize the importance of responsibile business practices in stewarding the earth. Our packaging is made to be easily recycled.

Recycling Bottles

Positive Community Impact

A portion of profits from Skin Deeper go to Safe Harbor House, an organization that empowers women in recovery.   


"I never expected to start a skincare and cosmetics business.

I just wanted clear skin that didn't turn into an oil slick by noon!


 "When I discovered the concept of oil cleansing, it completely changed my skin. As friends started asking me to make products for them, a business started budding. 


"We have a small but amazing team that work together to develop products our customers will love."


-Megan Kirby, Skin Deeper's Founder

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